Biotech Week Proclaimed in Saskatchewan

September 20, 2017

Agriculture Minister Lyle Stewart has proclaimed September 20 to 27, 2017, as Biotech Week in Saskatchewan, celebrating scientific achievements and raising awareness of the importance of biotechnology.

“Saskatchewan farmers are producing more crops, experiencing higher yields and using fewer inputs as a result of advances in biotechnology, many of which have occurred right here in Saskatchewan,” Stewart said.  “With approximately one-third of Canada’s agricultural biotech sector located here, Saskatchewan is a leader in both the development and use of biotech. Biotech Week is a chance to celebrate that achievement, and to learn more about this important field of science.”

Once again, Biotech Week will coincide with the national and global biotech weeks.  In Saskatchewan, Biotech Week activities are being co-ordinated by Ag-West Bio, the province’s bioscience industry association, and includes several events in Regina and Saskatoon.

“Biotechnology is integral to modern life, but most of us take it for granted,” Ag-West Bio President and CEO Wilf Keller said.  “Many people are not aware of the ways society benefits from biotechnology, such as environmentally-safe cleaning products, medicines (like insulin) and sustainable crops that reduce our carbon footprint.  Biotech Week is an opportunity to bring attention to these benefits.”

The Government of Saskatchewan continues to support agricultural innovation.  The Ministry of Agriculture has committed $26.8 million to agriculture research for the 2017-18 fiscal year.

For a full list of Biotech Week activities in Saskatchewan, see the Ag-West Bio website at


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