The 100 Year Highways Journey

July 20, 2017

The Government of Saskatchewan is proud to announce that this year marks the 100th anniversary of the Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure.

“We’ve come a long way in the last one hundred years; from building roads with a horse and scraper, to asphalt pavement, and now to overpasses and highways with 25,000 vehicles per day,” Highways and Infrastructure Minister David Marit said. “During the last century we’re pleased to have had the privilege of employing thousands of professional men and women who have had excellent careers working with the Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure.”

In 1917, The Highways Act came into effect, which ceased the existence of the Board of Highway Commissioners and gave birth to a new ministry — the Department of Highways.

Pictures of the Payton Ferry taken in 1917 (left) and 2013 (right).

Things were different back then — William M. Martin was Premier, there were horse-drawn buggies on the road, ferry operators were paid $3 per day and the equipment used to build and maintain highways was much different.

Pictures of Grading roads in 1917 compared to today.

As the ministry continues to build and maintain Saskatchewan’s highway infrastructure, we would like to remind drivers to observe the posted speed limits in construction zones and slow to 60 km/h when passing highway workers and equipment.

If you’re planning a trip this summer, check the Highway Hotline at  The Highway Hotline provides up-to-date information on construction, emergency road closures, the status of ferries, barges and other road activities.

A weekly construction update is also published on to provide the travelling public with the latest details on projects underway to help plan safe and efficient travel.
The Government of Saskatchewan has invested $7.4 billion in transportation infrastructure since 2008, improving more than 12,000 kilometres of Saskatchewan highways.

For more historical photos, check out our Youtube video at 


For more information, contact:

Brandy Leippi
Highways and Infrastructure
Phone: 306-787-8484

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