Closure Date Extended at Valley View Centre

June 23, 2017

The Government of Saskatchewan announced today that the targeted closure date for Valley View Centre (VVC) will be extended from March 2018 to December 2019.

“It is vital that the transition of Valley View Centre residents is done in a careful, thoughtful, person-centered way so these individuals can achieve their goals for life in the community,” Social Services Minister Tina Beaudry-Mellor said.  “Our commitment to a person centred planning approach to date, while maybe more lengthy, has been a very positive experience for families.  We will continue to work with Valley View residents, as well as their families and communities across the province to make sure they have the supports they need to build a life for themselves and experience all the joys that community living brings.”

Government is committed to using a person-centred planning process to approach the transition.  This allows residents, their families and community-based organizations to work together to identify supports and services to meet residents’ needs and help them achieve their goals.  Person-centred planning has been crucial to the success of the project, and stakeholders, residents and families are supportive of this approach.

“We would not be doing our jobs if residents moved into communities that didn’t give them the supports they need,” Saskatchewan Association for Community Living Executive Director and member of the Valley View Centre Transition Steering Committee Kevin McTavish said.  “It is important that we get their transition into the community done the right way.  By taking more time to address their needs, hopes and dreams, we can ensure each and every transition is a success.”

Work has begun on a Valley View Centre evaluation which includes interviews and survey results from residents and their families.  The evaluation will be ongoing over the next five years and will examine how the planning, implementation and outcomes of the transition project have impacted residents and their families.  The initial indications of the evaluation have been positive and confirmed that the person-centred planning approach has been vital to the project’s success.  This process involves taking the time needed to ensure that each transition is successful and that residents are supported before and after the transition.

“It is inspiring to see the success of Valley View residents as they move into Saskatchewan communities,” VVC Transition Steering Committee Family Representative and VVC Family Group Chair June Avivi said.  “Valley View families are eager to see their loved ones experience true community inclusion, but these approaches need to happen properly – not quickly.  We know that the thoughtful person-centred planning approach will make sure that residents are successful, happy and healthy.”

Residents of VVC continue to transition into communities of their choice.  Fifty-two residents have moved, and planning continues for the remaining 109 residents still living at VVC.  Government has committed more than $2 million to complete 30 resident transitions in 2017-18.


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